No Isle of Palms parking passes for the summer

No Isle of Palms parking passes for the summer
Beach season parking begins Tuesday, (Source: WCSC)

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - The Isle of Palms Ways and Means Committee has decided not to implement beach parking passes this summer.

The committee discussed plans for beach access parking implementation during a public meeting at City Hall, but they decided there was too much to get done before summertime.

Pay-to-park on Isle of Palms was approved by SCDOT in January. With this law, the city will sell permits for parking in SCDOT right-of-ways. Theses passes can be purchased online for daily, weekly or seasonal use with a license plate number. 

IOP City Councilmember Patrick Harrington says while they'll be moving forward with plans to implement the permits, it'll be later in the season. The committee wants to establish the system as soon as they can, but with as little mistakes as possible.

They plan on sorting through possible vendors for license-reading software and performing a beta test on the new parking system in July.

Currently, anyone can park for no charge in SCDOT right-of-ways on public roads with enough space as long as they obey the laws. There are some lots, like municipal lots, that have paid parking spots. 

Assistant City Administrator Emily Dziuban says the design is not a revenue generator, and the goal is safety. With the city growing so much, council was worried it could hurt the ability for emergency services to have access to the beach. 

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