Tips on keeping pipes from freezing in cold temperatures

VIDEO: Tips on keeping pipes from freezing in cold temperatures

Gary Petersen is a plumber with Preferred Home Services. Live 5 News took a ride along with him while he went out on some calls Thursday.

"When we get those freezing temperatures at night, we get pretty busy, because a lot of people don't know how to take care of their plumbing systems and when you don't take care of them, disaster strikes," said Peterson.

That's why Peterson gets calls to do routine check ups during the winter months.

Elysa Russell needed a plumber Thursday afternoon not only fix her toilet, but also to check her pipes to make sure everything is okay. Little did she know she was putting her home at risk.

"One of the biggest things not do for pipes is having a hose connected," said Petersen.

"You just saved my pipes," said Russell.

To save your pipes from emptying your wallet, here are some tips. Drip every faucet in your home when it's below freezing. Run both hot and cold water. Also leave your cabinets open so the warm air in your house can reach the pipes. When pipes burst, the water freezes causing the pipes to expand.

"If you have a three story house, that water can make it from the attic all of the way down to the ground floor and destroy and soak everything in between," said Petersen.

That's why following these tips can make your life a whole lot easier. Every insurance policy is different, but Petersen says most companies do not cover burst pipe repairs.

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