Presidential hopefuls speak at The Citadel

Presidential hopefuls speak at The Citadel

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Sunday's Patriot's Dinner at The Citadel featured a couple of presidential hopefuls and a current United States senator.

Donald Trump, Sen. Rick Santorum, and Sen. Tim Scott all spoke at the event.

Trump's plane arrived at 5:00 pm Sunday and invited media members on board for a tour. Before he even left the tarmac, though, Trump hinted a possible presidential run, saying his decision will "surprise some people."

"I mean I'm thinking about it," Trump said. "I'm thinking about it very seriously. We're going to make a decision in the not too distant future and we'll see what happens."

Sen. Rick Santorum has also hinted at a possible run but didn't bring it up Sunday. Santorum has spoken at the Republican Society's dinner before and has two children enrolled at The Citadel.

Sen. Tim Scott isn't planning a presidential run, but said while he didn't give an endorsement in 2012, he's willing to give one this time.

"You have Donald Trump. You have Lindsey Graham. You've got Rick Santorum. You throw in Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul," Scott said. "We're going to have a lot to choose from, so I'm sure the American people will help whittle that down to a digestible amount and I'm interested to see how that process works and we'll be engaged in it as well."

Sunday may have been a first look at a couple of presidential campaigns including Sen. Lindsey Graham who was in town to speak at a local synagogue.

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