SCDOT prepares for extreme weather

VIDEO: SCDOT prepares for extreme weather

Loading salt trucks and making brine were the main items on today's to-do list. Brine is a chlorine and salt mixture that helps slow down the freezing process. Once the rain cleared, crews were able to start spraying that mixture onto roads.

If the freezing rain that falls throughout the night begins to freeze, crews will switch to salt. The main goal, making sure the roads are safe for those who do have to drive in the morning.

"We would ask anyone who doesn't have to be on the roadway later tonight or in the morning to not be on the roadway," said James Law with the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

Schools aren't taking any chances either with several districts announcing closures for Tuesday. Many parents are relieved knowing their children won't be traveling in dangerous conditions.

"If there is freezing rain and the road conditions are worse, I know a lot of people get erratic when they drive, so it's probably safe to keep the kids at home," said Bobby Kinne, a resident in West Ashley.

"They shouldn't be out in this bad weather," said Melissa Spaulding, a resident in West Ashley,

Other parents find the cancellations a little inconvenient.

"If she doesn't go to school then I don't know how I'm going to get to work. I may have to call in or try and find a babysitter," said Thea Sterling, a resident on James Island.

"I know I don't want to be on the roads if there is ice on the roads. We are not use to that here in Charleston," said Kinne.

"We can just stay at home. They'll eat me out of house and home I guess," said Debbie Walsh, a resident in Charleston.

The SCDOT has not released any bridge closures due to potential freezing rain. They will be monitoring them through the morning.

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