Experts offer tips to stay safe with black ice on roads

VIDEO: Experts offer tips to stay safe with black ice on roads

Black ice is unnoticeable and could cause serious accidents. It's left over rain that freezes onto the roads.

"It can be dangerous. You can lose control in it," said Juan Hernandez with American Towing.

That's why tow truck drivers like Hernandez say it's important to use extreme precautions when driving in these conditions.

"Don't accelerate and don't try and fight it. Tonight we are going to be safe, we are going to be on the road, we are going to be driving a lot slower than usual," said Hernandez.

Hernandez knows all too well about the dangers of hitting black ice.

"You kind of get a rush through it. Your instincts kind of react right then and there. You don't really have time to counter react," said Hernandez.

Tractor trailer drivers like David Demers have come across their fair share of black ice as well.

"I was having to ride the high side of the road and the trailer was just sliding against the bank of the bridge because there was no traction for the the trailer," Demers said.

Highway Patrol says it's all about how you use your brakes. If you have anti-lock brakes, push down on the brakes and hold firmly. Then you will feel the brakes pulsate, but that is normal. If you don't have anti-lock brakes, pump the brakes until the vehicle slows down or stops.

"Slow down. Speed is your actual enemy," said Hernandez.

"It will send you into a spin out and you have totally no control at that point at all," said Demers.

Tractor trailer and tow truck drivers say it's very important to leave space around you when you're driving so you have plenty of time and space to slow down.

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