Oyster Roast raises more than $10,000 for cancer costs

Oyster Roast raises more than $10,000 for cancer costs

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Cancer takes a toll that's not just physical but financial.

Road2Recovery, a local non-profit, raised more than $10,000 yesterday to help a man with a rare form of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

"Really we live life three to six months at a time," Jamie Sicard, who was the beneficiary for the event said.

Sicard was diagnosed two years ago. He went into remission, and this past September it came back.

"It was expected," Sicard said. "We took the least aggressive treatment we could do just hoping to bide time because I have a rare cancer."

Balancing treatments with having a wife and two young children has been tough.

"I was a military guy and I always aspired to be like a special forces type guy but now I aspire to be like my wife because she's shouldered the burden of all of this," Sicard said.

It was his wife who contacted Amy Hungerford, the CEO of Road2Recovery.

"They just wanted information," Hungerford said. "They weren't looking for financial assistance. I had to talk them into that."

Road2Recovery started back in July just helping out a friend, but through social media, they've now helped five different families and raised more than $60,000 dollars.

"Debt in general, financial difficulty, is a side effect of this disease that people really don't understand and it goes on for years because you're getting bills and your treatment never really stops," Hungerford said.

Sunday's oyster roast raised $10,000 before people bought tickets at the door.

"I've used 'heartwarming' before and I can't think of a better word," Sicard said. "The people are just unbelievable. They've taken time out of their day to come way out here to Summerville on a rainy kind of cool day and people are really bending over backwards."

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