Mt. Pleasant residents complain of cut-through traffic in neighborhoods

VIDEO: Mount Pleasant residents complain about cut-through traffic and speeding

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Many Mt. Pleasant residents are saying their traffic issues have been a problem for more than 20 years. They say drivers are cutting through their neighborhoods while speeding, driving carelessly and blowing through stop signs.

"The only reason you should be on these roads is because you're trying to get home in this neighborhood. Not trying to get home in some other neighborhood," said James Algar, a resident in Mt. Pleasant.

For residents like James Algar, drivers cutting through the neighborhood is not the only problem they're facing.

"If a child is out riding a bicycle, we don't need to accelerate around the child, which is done constantly," said Algar.

"It's really frustrating," said Krystine Edwards, a resident in Mt. Pleasant.

Meanwhile parents like Krystine Edwards won't let her kids play in the front yard alone because she's scared they'll get hit by a car.

"I get worried if I turn my back for one minute that my kid will get to close to the edge of the driveway. There are plenty of times when we had to scream and yell and grab the kids and cars haven't even stopped. They just zoomed right past us," said Edwards.

Many people are blaming reckless driving because of people cutting through the neighborhoods trying to save time. That's why more than 50 residents went to the town's Transportation Committee this week to voice their concerns. They want road blocks, more signage or legislation put into place.

"There are too many kids, there are too many people, there are too many cars. It can't continue," said Algar.

"We really can't enjoy our neighborhood like we should be able to," said Jean Chandler, a resident in Mt. Pleasant.

Mt. Pleasant's traffic committee will be hiring a consultant to develop designs to help fix this problem. Town officials say it's a process that the public will be involved in and adds it could take months for the consultant to release its design plans.

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