SC House to debate 2 bills to remove SC State leadership

VIDEO: SC House to debate 2 bills to remove SC State leadership

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS/WCSC) - Two bills proposing the removal of South Carolina State University's leadership are now in the House of Representatives, and lawmakers say they're putting the plan to remove the board on the fast track.

Debate and votes on both bills could take place as early as next week in the House, pushing a legislative plan on SC State to the Governor's desk.

The senate version of the bill had its final reading this afternoon, passing the chamber and moving to the House.

A similar House bill was scheduled for debate in the Ways and Means Committee Thursday, but in a surprise move, the House voted to go ahead and put it on their calendar for a vote.

Orangeburg Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter believes there won't be much discussion over the bills.

The major difference between the two bills stems from what happens after the SCSU board is removed.

In the House bill, the school is put under the control of the state Budget and Control Board.

In the Senate version, a five-member temporary board takes over until 2018.

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