Thousands expected at obstacle course 5K run

RAW: Charleston takes on Rugged Maniac at Boone Hall Plantation

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Crews are still finishing up work to the Rugged Manic race course at Boone Hall Plantation.

This is the 5th time the nationwide 5K obstacle course race has come to Mount Pleasant with 3,400 signed up to run Saturday.

"People are stuck in an office, stuck in front of a computer all day," race director Stuart Wall said. "This is stuff that gets you doing something completely different. You feel like a kid again."

The Mt. Pleasant course is special because it has even more mud than other areas.

"This property is a little bit unique because it has this thick black mud because they do some farming here, so people end up sometimes covered in mud, which is kind of unique," Wall said.

The race will kick off Rugged Maniac's season and this year they've got new obstacles including a warp wall to run up, a trampoline, and rings to swing on.

As unique as the race sounds, it's part of a nationwide trend.

"I think at one point there was just a lot of standard running races and now people are looking for something different, something more and I think we offer that," Wall said.

Locally, other events provide untraditional races like the Bulldog Challenge at the Citadel, a 10K obstacle course, and the Color Run, which involves getting painted while you run.

"There has been a major increase in the obstacle course races or any other typical different types of races," Chris Minkel, the owner of Fleet Feet Sports, a running store, said. "People want to get out there, move and do different things and they want something different to do. They want to challenge themselves in different ways and the obstacle course is one of those ways they do it."

It's not about setting a personal best.

"A majority of our racers don't care about the time," Wall said. "They're taking the obstacles one at a time. They're staying together as a group.

If you have been training and you're trying to win, Wall has a few suggestions.

"Take the obstacles as they come, one by one," Wall said. "We do a pretty good job of breaking up the running with the obstacles, so just take it as it comes; watch the other racers, see what they're doing. Work with your teams."

Online sales have closed, but spectator or race tickets can be purchased at the race.

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