State and community leaders discuss future of HBCUs

State and community leaders discuss future of HBCUs

ORANGEBURG, SC (WCSC) - Monday night leaders from around the state and within South Carolina State University came together with the community to look at ways to keep the school going.

Lawmakers have threatened to shut down SC State after declines in enrollment and the school owing more than $11 million.

Monday's forum touched on everything from the importance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities to how to fix SC State.

Dr. Franklin Evans, the acting school president said they've cut positions and programs that haven't produced in order to save money.

The school has had a declining enrollment and one teacher who spoke said she thinks the state and federal governments need to give more funding to financial aid so students can attend HBCUs.

Orangeburg's Chamber of Commerce President said businesses in the community have said if the school closes, many will likely close as well.

The forum didn't just focus on SC State. It pointed out many HBCUs around the nation are struggling and pointed to a lack of leadership and funding as the reason behind it.

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