CCSD unveils online survey to help in superintendent search

CCSD unveils online survey to help in superintendent search

Charleston County School District is asking the community to get online and weigh in on what characteristics their new superintendent should possess.

Dr. Paul Krohne, the Executive Director of SC School Boards Association, is helping CCSD in their search.

Krohne says a new, online survey is the first step in a long process of picking a new leader.

"I love to have an educator, someone who really understands education and curriculum and who really works with teachers and students," said Susan Weintrob, former teacher and school principal.

"To be personally involved in the schools themselves not just at the district level but to go into the schools and see what each school needs," said Martha Hutton, parents of CCSD student.

The online survey includes ten different characteristics, qualifications and experiences... you're asked to rank each by importance - one being the most, 10 being the least.

"I think the questions are on target," said Hutto.

"All of them are important and I could probably list three more pages," said Weintrob.

Weintrob, a former principal, said she felt the survey statements could be more specific.

"I think that part of the problem with these is that they're very general," said Weintrob. "To be a skilled communicator, for example, is the first one, what does that mean?"

School board member Michael Miller is concerned with it as well. He said the school board has not discussed how they will use the survey results.

"To me, there are some things that are not quite clear," said Miller. "Our goal is to have a superintendent by July first. What that process will look like, in detail, we need to work on that before we start the surveys, for me."

Miller said he's wary of just how much weight this survey will even carry when it comes down to making a decision.

Regardless, some parents believe their opinion could hold value.

"I think every single parent should take it, because the more that take the survey, I believe the more they'll listen to it," said Hutto.

You can take the survey here. It will close March 31.

According to Krohne, the school board will collect all of the feedback and take it into account as they move forward looking for candidates.

No potential candidates have been revealed yet.

Former CCSD superintendent, Doctor Nancy McGinley, resigned in November after serving in the position for more than seven years.

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