City of Hanahan cuts negotiations with BCSD over new elementary school

VIDEO: City of Hanahan cuts negotiations with BCSD over new elementary school

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The City of Hanahan says they are calling off negotiations with Berkeley County School District about a portion of land where a new elementary school could be built.

Hanahan's Mayor says she was completely caught off guard. She says the school board made an unclear vote Tuesday night about how to go about acquiring the land which is owned by the city. The public was also left out of the loop.

"No we are finished. Finished with the contract and the negotiations. We will no longer work through this. It's off the table," said Mayor Minnie Blackwell with the City of Hanahan.

Mayor Minnie Blackwell along with many other residents were very confused about how things played out Tuesday night at the school board meeting.

"It's just very frustrating. The district and the superintendent offered two contracts, but they didn't explain what they were. We were totally unclear as to what specifically was presented," said Patricia Ecstine, a resident in Hanahan.

The proposed land for the new school is in the Tanner Plantation, Foster Creek area near Williams Lane in Hanahan. The development would combat issues with overcrowding throughout the district. Parents are anxious to get the ball rolling.

"Overcrowded classrooms don't create a healthy work environment for students at all. They're in trailers," said Christie Rainwater, a resident in Hanahan.

"It's not good for the students education and the kids should have full classrooms," said Jason Brooks, a resident in Hanahan.

One thing that was made clear at Tuesday night's meeting, the school board passed a first reading for new attendance lines. Christine Rainwater lives in Hanahan but her children go to Goose Creek schools. If the proposed attendance lines become official, her kids will go to school closer to home.

"When it passes I'm just going to be breathing a sigh of relief because we have been waiting for this and we have been pushing for this and we want our kids ot be together," said Rainwater.

The school board said in a statement that they hope to work out negotiations with the city.

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