New high-tech necklace could hold dieters accountable

VIDEO: High-tech necklace could help dieters stay on track

LOS ANGELES (CBS News) -- A necklace could soon keep dieters on track and even alert you when you've eaten too much.

The Wearsens has a sensor that uses vibrations to measure when you're eating and drinking.

"It will tell them how much they've been eating, so it will help them with their portion control," co-developer Majid Sarrafzadeh says. "It will tell them if they're snacking too much."

Engineers at UCLA tested the necklace on 30 people. They showed how the device tells users what they ate, how quickly they ate and even gives suggestions when you miss a meal.

"It will tell them if they're dehydrated cause they're not drinking enough water," Sarrafzadeh said.

The necklace counts how many times you swallow and the time you spend chewing. Users set goals of how much they want to eat and drink on an app. And the app alerts users if they overindulge.

"With this device there is no cheating," he said. "We know exactly how much you are eating. If you take the device off, we will know that. Bottom line, it makes it easy for people."

Researchers say the necklace is up to 90 percent accurate. The device could be available later this year.

Researchers plan to expand the necklace's use to help people quit smoking and help patients keep up with taking their medication.

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