Yoga classes helps make surfing a reality for autistic children

Yoga helps make surfing a reality for autistic children

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Almost 200 people took to yoga mats Saturday and Sunday, jumping on board with a camp called, " Surfers Healing."

"12 total classes," said Thomas Glenn, the owner of The Yoga House. "7 yesterday that were all back-to-back-to-back that were like little tastes of our offerings."

Glenn put on these classes to raise money for the camp that offers surfing lessons to autistic children.

Surfers Healing travels around the world and is set to pick up waves on Folly Beach in August.

"Best day of the year for these kids, it gives me chills just thinking about it," said volunteer Curtis Mitchell.

Mitchell is one of hundreds who volunteers with Surfers Healing and knows the impact it has on the children.

"I just can't tell you what it means to see," said Mitchell.

"They are very timid or screaming, or they might not want to do it," said Nancy Morris, volunteer with surfers healing. "But, once they get out on those waves!"

Morris helped bring Surfers Healing to Folly Beach 8 years ago. Nearly 200 children participated last year.

Now, there's battle to bring the camp back.

"Because we have to raise a lot of money to bring them here," said Morris.

Through the classes, they're one step -or pose- closer to the thousand of dollars needed to put on the event.

"We just could not do it on our own," said Morris.

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