Report: Claims Snapchat fueled fatal Mt. Pleasant stabbing were a lie

VIDEO: Report: Claims Snapchat fueled fatal Mt. Pleasant stabbing were a lie

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Supplemental reports in the case of a Mount Pleasant teen who was stabbed to death back in January reveal claims that the fatal altercation began over Snapchat messages were fabricated and shed new light on the altercation itself.

Police say 16-year-old Matthew Fischer admitted to stabbing 17-year-old Lucas Cavanaugh twice in the stomach during a fight in front of his girlfriend's Baltusrol Lane in Park West on the night of Jan. 18.

According to Mount Pleasant police reports, Fischer's girlfriend, whose name is redacted from all reports, told officers the altercation began when Fischer saw she received a Snapchat from Cavanaugh on her iPod Touch while Fischer was at her house. Fischer then used his girlfriend's iPod to message Cavanaugh, eventually saying "Come over" and "I'll kill you man," affidavits state.

Police reportedly attempted to locate the iPod for evidence, but Fischer's girlfriend claimed she did not know where it was.

Supplemental reports state Mt. Pleasant police returned to the girlfriend's home the following day, and told her they would contact Apple in regards to the missing iPod, and that if it was traced to her home she could face criminal prosecution. She later admitted to wrapping the iPod in clothing and blankets and hiding it under several boxes because she was "concerned about some naked photos and pictures of marijuana on the iPod," reports reveal. The iPod was then handed over to police.

On January 22, four days after the murder, additional police reports state the unnamed girlfriend admitted during questioning that all the messages sent the day of Cavanaugh's murder were sent by iMessage, and not Snapchat. When asked why she initially said the messages were sent by Snapchat, she reportedly told officers she thought they could not retrieve Snapchat messages.

Officers respond to frenzied crime scene

On the night of Jan. 18, a Mount Pleasant police officer responding to reports of a stabbing in the 1600 block of Baltusrol Lane arrived to find Lucas Cavanaugh lying in the middle of the roadway suffering from extensive wounds to his abdomen. The 17-year-old was flanked by two females subjects.

The suspect, later identified as Matthew Fischer, had reportedly fled the scene.

An incident report states one of the two women ran towards the officer with a knife in her hand and screamed, "Here is the knife." She was ordered to drop the knife so the officer could turn his attention to the victim.

Police say Cavanaugh, who had a pulse when the first officer arrived, had a deep laceration to his abdomen which was big enough to allow his intestines to fall out and become fully exposed, a report states. He also had a cut on his right hand and a puncture wound to his left chest area. The responding officer aided Cavanaugh by placing a trauma blanket over his injuries to stop the bleeding.

Police found a pair of glasses with one lens missing near Cavanaugh's body, and found the lens about a foot away.

The 17-year-old was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Fischer's girlfriend, who was at Cavanaugh's side when officers arrived, told police she was at her house with Fischer when they went outside to meet with Cavanaugh as he was driving up to the home. The two teens began to wrestle in the road, with Lucas eventually pushing Fischer against his car's side view mirror, cracking it. Fischer's girlfriend told police Lucas told Fischer, "You'll pay for that."

The fight continued, with Cavanaugh getting the upper hand and putting Fischer in a headlock, she said.

The report states she went on say it was at that time that Fischer pulled out a 3-inch knife that he took from her bedroom and stabbed Cavanaugh. Fischer immediately backed away from Cavanaugh and ran as the injured teen fell to the ground, she told officers.

According to the girl's mother, Robynn Davis, Fischer came into her house with a bloody knife, dropped the weapon in the home and ran away. Davis said she then picked up the knife, ran out of the home, saw the victim lying on the ground, and called 911.

A report states Fischer's mother brought him back to the crime scene after he called her and told her what happened. Police say Fischer confessed to the stabbing on video, and provided a written confession.

When asked why he did not just leave the residence instead of sticking around for a possible fight, Fischer reportedly told police, "Self pride. You do not want to look like a baby in front of [redacted]."

Suspect: Victim ran at him, stabbing occurred after choke hold

Fischer told investigators there had only been one other "conflict" between himself and Cavanaugh, and that had occurred approximately three weeks earlier at Wando High School, where he said Cavanaugh had approached him and wanted to talk about Fischer and his girlfriend. Fischer said the conversation was not confrontational.

Fischer said on the night of the fatal encounter, he had been at his girlfriend's home talking with her when he noticed a knife on her dresser and asked her about it. He said she explained it had been a gift, and when he asked her if he could have it, she said yes. He placed the knife in his pocket, he said.

Fischer told police that a short time later, he received a text message from Cavanaugh leading the two to exchange words. The supplemental reports state Fischer admitted texting Cavanaugh, "Could you stay out of our relationship and shut the [expletive] up." Fischer claimed Cavanaugh responded, "You won't say that to my face," whereupon Fischer said he responded, "Come over." The reports state Fischer would later admit to investigators that he also warned, "I'll [expletive] kill you."

Fischer told investigators he and his girlfriend were outside her home a short time later when Cavanaugh arrived, exited his vehicle and immediately ran toward him. Fischer said Cavanaugh attempted to punch him but missed, and the two began fighting, eventually ended up on the ground. Fischer said Cavanaugh's glasses were broken during the fight. Fischer said Cavanaugh placed him in a choke hold, making it hard for Fischer to breathe.

Fischer said Cavanaugh punched and kicked him, then released Fischer from the choke hold.

That is when Fischer retrieved the knife from his pocket, closed his eyes and stabbed Cavanaugh, the report states. Investigators say Fischer initially claimed he had stabbed Cavanaugh only once, but later admitted to stabbing him twice.

Fischer was initially denied bond for the murder charge and received a surety bond of $100,000 on the possession of a knife during the commission of a violent crime charge.

On March 6, a judge granted Fischer a $100,000 bond on the murder charge, and ordered house arrest, GPS monitoring, therapy, and no internet access unless it is used for educational purposes.

Fischer is also prohibited from having visitors without an adult family member present.

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