New Folly Creek bridge opens to traffic

New Folly Creek bridge opens to traffic

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Drivers took their first trip over the new Folly Creek bridge Tuesday evening.

Crews have been working to finish the two bridges that get you to the beach community.

The first over Folly creek and second over the Folly River.

Many Folly Beach residents and visitors have been eager for the construction to be over because lane closures have caused bad traffic getting in and out of the small beach community.

for it to be open because the traffic in and out of the beach community has been pretty bad in the last week.

That's because there's been some final paving to get down. and as as much of a headache as it's been...many told me it's worth the wait.

"It's horrible getting in here with the construction going on," said Michael Ritter, Folly Beach tourist.

"It's been the real pain lately with the recent spike in the weather, beach traffic has been up and there's also some spring breaks going on," said D.J. Rich, Folly Beach City Council Member.

With the Folly Creek bridge now completed, crews will switch their focus to finishing the Folly river bridge.

There will still be lane closures to finish paving, but they're going to mainly be at night.

"Two or three weeks later we'll be driving on the Folly River Bridge," said Rich.

Both bridges will be one lane in and one lane out, but they'll be larger.

SCDOT officials say the bridges will also include a bike lane, a middle lane for emergency personnel and raised sidewalks to make it safe for pedestrians.

"The best thing is they're not falling apart," said Rich. "We won't have the potholes and the problems we've had with the old bridges."

SCDOT official says crews start work demolishing the old creek bridge as soon as Wednesday.

Once the new river bridge is open, they'll demolish that old one as well.

With demolitions complete, the project is expected to be fully completed on time.

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