Low key Saint Patrick's Day celebration on Sullivan's Island

VIDEO: Low key Saint Patrick's Day celebration on Sullivan's Island

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Some businesses on Sullivan's Island didn't get the green they were hoping for on Saint Patrick's Day this year. Islanders complained about an out of control party last year, that caused this year's festivities to have some big changes.

"Obviously less people," said Scott Hyland, a resident on Sullivan's Island.

"It's much calmer. It's better," said Patrick Malone, a resident in Mount Pleasant.

"Last year you literally could not walk through the streets," said Kyme Hensarling, a resident in Mount Pleasant.

That's why the town put its foot down this year. There was no massive party and no drinking in the streets.

"Unfortunately, a few bad apples will spoil the bunch," said Emily Daniels, an Owner at High Thyme Cuisine on Sullivan's Island.

Business owners on the island like Daniels are feeling the pain this year with no big weekend celebration.

"Really we had no business, which is frustrating as far as business owners because that's the big day to take us into our busy season," said Daniels.

"The biggest thing is we didn't have our Saturday. It kind of hurt us, but we are making the best of it," said Bill Dunleavy, Owner of Dunleavy's Pub on Sullivan's Island.

For many islanders, Saint Patrick's Day was exactly what they wanted.

"It's nice to come out and see so many people here with their families, because we can all enjoy this together," said Lesile Dispensa-Perlin, a resident in Mount Pleasant.

"This is the ultimate Saint Patrick's Day celebration," said Sandy Cronin, a resident in Myrtle Beach.

The party was dialed down, but security was not. Police were still on duty making sure everything was going smoothly, and no one was getting behind the wheel.

"If we see anybody we get them in a cab. Everybody is pretty conscious enough," said Dunleavy.

"We have a designated driver here for us. Luckily, our friend's wife is pregnant so we have a guaranteed designated driver and we will be safe tonight," said Allen Raborn, a resident in Mount Pleasant.

The Mayor of Sullivan's Island says no word yet on how the celebration will play out next year.

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