West African band tours US while waiting for Ebola Crisis to clear

West African band tours US while waiting for Ebola Crisis to clear

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - The Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, a West African band, held a benefit at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens Thursday to help raise awareness for the spread of Ebola across the world.

Their performances are in benefit of Doctors Without Borders, an organization that provides medical support to patients with the deadly virus. The band started their tour in April of last year, but still can't return back to Sierra Leone because of the threat of Ebola.

"We are stuck in the United States. They are trying to extend our visas," said Jahson Bula, a member in the band. 

"We are also very much afraid to be killed by this dreadful disease," said Reuben Jorome, a member in the band. 

The Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars want to see their family. Right now, that's not an option.

"It is really tough, because Ebola is killing people every day," said Ashade Pearce, a member in the band.

"People are always in doors. They can't go to work. Everything just stands still," said Bula.

Until it's safe to go home, they tour the country, playing music and raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

"It is dangerous to go back there. What is really paining us is the closure of schools. Our children are not going to school and that is a complete set back," said Jorome. 

Although their families are not sick with Ebola, the band members have friends who died from the virus. They now play in their honor, hoping people at their shows donate. Like Queen Atgerberry, who came to hear the West African music. She also has felt the wrath of the virus, as she has family in Guinea who died from Ebola. 

"This is a way people can help. Things like this," said Atgerberry. 

"We hope that Sierra Leone will become Ebola free. That's our last hope. That's our country. We don't have another country," said Jorome.

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