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Mt. Pleasant committee rejects Ben Sawyer project, approves growth plan


People in Mt. Pleasant got to sound off for the first time Wednesday on two major development projects.

The planning committee moved forward with the town's new growth management plan and also voted to stop a new development on Ben Sawyer Boulevard.

The committee voted unanimously to reject the impact assessment for The Atlantic, a new 250-unit complex on Ben Sawyer saying that it would cause too much traffic and wasn't in line with the towns plans.

"Approval of this project will set precedent for high density in fragile areas,” one speaker said. “It would be the first domino on this section of Ben Sawyer and flagrant disregard of the master plan."

The committee also asked the legal department to put together ordinances for the new Growth Management Plan.

The plan that will try to lower density in the town and increased park space.

Almost everyone was in favor of the plan but some were concerned it could scare away future growth.

"People know they don't want The Boulevard but that doesn't mean there's no place for density,” a speaker said. “I think there's danger in piecemealing it and stripping out bonus densities all the way around."

Those ordinances will now go to council for a full vote and then on to the planning commission from there.

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