Controversy over Shem Creek garage continues over zoning appeal

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - In a meeting Thursday, the Save Shem Creek Corporation, an area nonprofit, voiced renewed concerns over zoning plans for a new $3 million office building and parking garage.

The corporation filed a zoning appeal with the Town of Mt.Pleasant, citing plans for the new garage encroached on the Marine Overlay District, an area with specified height and building restrictions.

The appeal was denied.

Members claim they were never publicly notified, but learned of the information through a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Town officials responded to those claims in the following statement:

"The Town has properly and appropriately handled all appeal requests. The significant passage of time and the inability to meet the applicable standards make the requests invalid. Granting special status, including a right to appeal where it does not exist, would be improper. Nevertheless, our staff has invited all requesting parties to meet and discuss the issues. Our staff has met with those requesting a meeting in response to the invitation. As to the ultimate question of interpretation of zoning lines, the Town staff reached the correct decision.


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