CCSD acting superintendent withdraws from consideration

CCSD acting superintendent withdraws from consideration

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The acting superintendent for the Charleston County School District is withdrawing his name from consideration for the job.

Michael Bobby, who has been in the role since the resignation of former Supt. Nancy McGinley, wrote a letter to school board Friday announcing his decision, which he said came "with a conflicted heart but with a certain conscience."

"Reflecting upon that day in late October when with a truly heavy heart, I accepted your request to become the district's acting superintendent, I did so knowing some things without a doubt...I accepted the task without an ego. I accepted the task because I truly believed and to this day still do believe that it was crucial for the district to have leadership, to steady itself, to focus, to calm the seas, to continue that journey that led to Excellence," he wrote. "I accepted the task, knowing and saying that I did so but did not come to Charleston to be the superintendent."

While he said he learned over the past five months that if the position were offered to him, he would feel confident he would fulfill the expectations, he asked that his name be removed from consideration.

"I truly believe that for the district and for my family that this is the most appropriate action I can take at this time," Bobby wrote in that letter.

He says he wants to stay on with the school district.

"I have no other desire but to remain an integral part of our CCSD team and to do all I can to assist and support our journey through excellence," he wrote.

Another candidate for the job, Dr. Lisa Herring, is a semi-finalist for Superintendent of Birmingham City Schools. She told the Charleston School Board Thursday of her status in Birmingham, but said she wants to remain a candidate for the Charleston position.

Charleston County School Board Chairman Cindy Bohn Coats says Dr. Gerrita Postelwait is also a candidate for the job, but Coats says these candidates are a first step, and a broader search is possible.

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