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Lowcountry viewers capture 'crazy clouds' on camera

Reevesville (Photo Source: Cassy Dopkant) Reevesville (Photo Source: Cassy Dopkant)
Summerville (Photo Source: Tedd Winkler) Summerville (Photo Source: Tedd Winkler)
Orangeburg (Photo Source: Beth Waldron) Orangeburg (Photo Source: Beth Waldron)

Some unusual cloud formations over much of South Carolina on Monday morning prompted viewers to grab their cell phones and snap pictures.

"There were really two different cloud formations going on," Live 5 Meteorologist Justin Lock said.

The first kind, confirmed by the National Weather Service as "Undulatus asperatus" cloud formations, appear as waves in the sky. The name translates to “roughened or agitated waves" and the clouds usually form during the morning or afternoon following stormy weather.

"Storms in Greenville fell apart and that turbulent air moved into a more stable environment in Columbia," Lock said. "As the atmosphere tries to stabilize it literally looks like waves, reminding us the atmosphere is an ocean."

The second formation looks more like a paper towel roll and are known as "roll clouds."

"They are somewhat rare and usually precede a cold front. Again a change in air masses. Colder, windier weather moving into a calm stable environment which we had across most of the state this morning ahead of this front," Lock said.

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