Goose Creek neighbors react to destroyed school playground

Goose Creek neighbors react to destroyed school playground

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Two young children, 10 and 11 years old, are facing third degree arson charges in Berkeley County. Goose Creek Police say they intentionally lit their school's playground on fire.

It's spring break for students of Boulder Bluff Elementary and many students kids showed up at the playground for some fun and were shocked at what they discovered.

"Me and my friends were actually just coming to play," said student Shania Leonard.

"I'm mad because that was our school playground and we always went to play there," said student Hailey Phillips.

A pile of sand and rubber is all that's left of the playground located on Judy Drive. The playground burnt to the ground Sunday just after 2 p.m.

"It was like a big ball of fire," said neighbor Larry Micary.

Goose Creek Police say two of the elementary school's students were caught on surveillance cameras lighting the fire under one of the slides.

The students admitted to Goose Creek Police that they'd used a lighter from one of their parent's trucks.

A majority of this playground was built out of plastic and rubber, so it easily caught on fire and it melted fast, according to fire officials.

The destroyed remnants of the structure were swiftly removed for safety.

"I'm upset, I'm shocked. I can't believe it you know, we live right here and we come here, ride our bikes through the path back there," said Krista Nemeth, parent and neighbor.

Neighbors hope the fire can serve as a lesson for everyone.

"Kids are just running wild," Micary said. "I don't think it matters whether its daylight or night time, you know they still need to watch your kids because those kids could have gotten burned up real bad."

"What can we do as parents, as a community? Let kids know what they can and cant do, what's right and wrong," Nemeth said.

Both the 10 and 11-year-old have been charged with third degree arson. They also received counseling and were released back to their parents.

Police are also recommending that the two children not be allowed back to Boulder Bluff Elementary.

A Berkeley county school district spokesman said that decision will be made by the school board in a disciplinary hearing.

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