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Colleton County man finds $200K winning lottery ticket he lost months ago

(Source: AP Stock Graphic) (Source: AP Stock Graphic)

 A Colleton County man who spent months searching for his misplaced $200,000 winning lottery ticket is finally able to cash in on the top prize. 

Lottery officials say the now twice lucky man purchased the winning Carolina Red scratch-off in November at Sonny's Sunoco on Bells Highway in Walterboro. When he later reached in his pocket for the ticket, it was gone. 

For four months, the winner said he turned his home upside searching for the missing ticket, only to finally find it hidden in his bedroom.

"I felt stupid," the man admitted to lottery officials. "I've learned a very good lesson. Don't put things off."

He said if there is ever a next time, he will take the day off from work and immediately claim the prize. 

There is a silver lining in this story, as far as the winner's family is concerned. 

After having four months to think about what to do with the eventual winnings, the Colleton County man said he has decided to use the money to help his brother, his sister and his church. 

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