Gamecock faithful cheer on team at watch party

Gamecock faithful cheer on team at watch party

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The local chapter of the Gamecock Club held a watch party for Sunday's Final Four game at the West Ashley Kickin' Chicken Sunday.

Even with the team's recent success, they say it's crazy to see South Carolina in its first ever Final Four.

"Before if you said you were having a party for women's basketball, you'd get some funny looks but now people are like 'heck yeah, we'll be there. We're real excited'", Gamecock Club Chapter President Jen Skoy said.

To put Sunday's game in perspective, Notre Dame played in its fifth straight Final Four and five years ago the Gamecocks didn't even have a winning record.

"They go from nobody talks about them to being a premier program in the whole country so it's been really neat and fun for us to cheer on," Matt Kisabeth, who graduated from USC in 2010 said. "We've had our runs with football. We've had our runs with baseball and it's fun to see the women get a turn."

While fans were obviously pulling for a win, they say they're optimistic about the team's future.

"It's just been a lot of fun to be a long for the ride," Skoy said.

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