Charleston reveals new tourism plan

Charleston reveals new tourism plan

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Monday night, Charleston's Planning Commission voted to approve a new plan for handling the city's booming tourism industry.

Charleston's new Tourism Management Plan has the goal of balancing the important industry with keeping a high quality of life for people living in the city.

"At some point, the pursuit of profit has to take a little bit of a backseat," Larry Sussberg, who spoke at the meeting, said.

Sussberg lives on South Battery, a tourist hotspot. He's in favor of the new plan, which focuses on fixing parking and traffic, but has concerns about how it'll be enforced.

"Who is in the city is going to be responsible for taking charge of the plan, following through on all the action points and then report back to city council and to the public," Sussberg said.

Al Ray is a tour guide downtown, but isn't worried about the plan capping the number of carriages and tour buses. He wants public bathrooms south of broad and more parking.

"There are too many cars on the streets," Ray said. "There really are. We'll have a better city when 'Joe Tourist' with four kids, drives into town, directly to his parking garage, parks his car and leaves it there as opposed to driving around trying to find it."

The planning commission added an amendment to the plan recommending the city try to move the cruise ship terminal.

"We should be able to negotiate with the state on considering an alternate location," Planning Commissioner Valerie Perry said.

While the city can request the terminal be moved, the decision is ultimately up to the state.

This is the first change to the plan in almost 20 years.

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