Charleston County says plans for a waste plant on Bees Ferry is false

VIDEO: Charleston County says plans for a waste plant on Bees Ferry is false

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A website post spreading like wildfire over social media. The person who controls a Weebly website wrote a post that read Charleston

County Council is considering a plan to build a solid waste plant off the heavily traveled road.

That information is false according to county council members.

The location will instead be off Palmetto Commerce Parkway.

The Finance Committee discussed those plans for the new recycling plan today.

The county is now asking the person behind the blog to get the facts straight.

"Whoever or however this information came out is absolutely wrong," J. Elliott Summey, Charleston County Council Chairman, said Tuesday.

The post read that the council is looking at a plan to have a private company build a, "mega waste processing facility on Bees Ferry Road."

County council members said it's not a waste plant at all but a recycling plant that's been in the works for over a year now. A parcel of land already bought off Palmetto Commerce Parkway.

"We're in the middle of planning and doing architectural work on the facility,"Summey said "We're movingforward with that site. We are in no way looking at doing this on Bees Ferry Road."

But the website has already reached social media platforms. Many on the West of the Ashley Facebook page voiced their concern with what was read. That post has now been taken down following confirmation of the location for the recycling plant.

"This is the world we live in today," Summey said. "Social media rules the day. Don't believe everything you read on social media."

"You kind of have to be careful," Nalini Mayroo, who lives in West Ashley, said regarding social media. "You have to know your sources, and resources. I think people are pretty easy to jump to conclusions."

"I think it's definitely a concern that everybody here in the community needs to look out for," Rachel Rundel, who lives in West Ashley, added.

Summey said it makes more sense to put the recycling plant in a central location to get the tri-county to work together to reach recycling goals.

"We're right now at a 28-percent goal that we've reached for recycling," Summey said. "The thought is to try and get it up to 40%. The more things we recycle, the less money we spend."

RePower South and Waste Management presented plans on how they would operate the facility. Both would keep the current single stream recycling program intact, adding a few different processes based on what each company has done in the past.

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