The Master: Four facts you may not know

The Master: Four facts you may not know

AUGUSTA, GA (WCSC) - The Masters is one of the most historic golf tournaments in the world, but there are couple facts even devout golf fans may not know:

1. It may be tough to notice if you're not thinking about it, but ads are actually banned at Augusta National. If you go to buy potato chips, water, or beer, it'll all be branded with the Masters logo.

2. The azaleas are a well-known an famous part of Augusta National. To make sure they bloom at just the right time, the course has some heating and cooling units installed underground.

3. Being a caddy at the course has any perks but one of them is that on the last day in May before the course closes for the Summer, the caddies at Augusta get to play all day for free.

4. Every Tuesday before the Masters, there's a dinner for past champions. An extra benefit of winning the tournament is the previous year's winner gets to pick the menu. The players, however, can still order other food as well.

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