Bad timing: Residents look to traffic light as a source of morning traffic

Bad timing: Residents look to traffic light as a source of morning traffic

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - The morning drive along Glenn McConnell Parkway near West Ashley high school is turning into anything but.

Residents say weekday traffic on the highway between 7-8AM is consistently at a stand still, adding wait times of nearly half an hour.

Many blame new developments in the area along Bees Ferry Road and Glenn McConnell as the source of increased traffic, while others look to the traffic light at the intersection of Mary Ader Avenue and W. Wildcat Blvd. as the source of the problem.

Over the last several weeks, many drivers have now taken to Facebook to voice many of their concerns.

"More volume, same route," read one post.

Another driver said simply, "It is frustrating."

According to City of Charleston Director of Transportation, Henan Pena, the traffic lights near West Ashley High School are timed based on the needs of the school and the morning commute for drivers.

Pena said the city is in constant communication with the Department of Transportation regarding a minor fix to alleviate the traffic, but described it as a "compound problem" brought on by more commuters and not enough traffic lanes.

In a phone conversation with DOT District Engineering Administrator, Robert Clark, he said he is not aware of any plans to widen Glenn McConnell Parkway, and noted the traffic light at the school intersection needs to be adjusted.

Meanwhile, Patricia Houston, who's lived in the area since 2001, said she would consider relocating if traffic conditions worsen, and current growth continues.

"It's causing anxiety to think that it's going to get even bigger."

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