Black Lives Matter calls for emergency city council meeting

Black Lives Matter calls for emergency city council meeting

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Thursday night, protesters with Black Lives Matter marched into the North Charleston City Council Meeting demanding a special meeting with them, as well as the creation of a citizens review board with subpoena powers.

Members said city council has 24 hours to agree to schedule an emergency council meeting. They say they must schedule a date in seven days or else they will continue to protest. If a citizen review board is not implemented, they will remain outside of city hall, making their voices heard.

"This is what democracy looks like. Tell them what democracy looks like," said Muhiyidin D'Daha, an organizer with Black Lives Matter.

That is what demonstrators with Black Lives Matter were chanting after they left the North Charleston City Council Meeting Thursday night. Protestors demanded a special council meeting and the need for a citizens review board. The city did not want to comment about the meeting, but the mayor did say he will meet with Black Lives Matter in the coming week.

"And we'll have a better dialogue," said Mayor Summey. 

"I'm happy they cooperated. I'm humbled," said Justin Lewis with Black Lives Matter.

Protestors are happy the mayor wants to meet with the organization. They say it's crucial a review board is put in place so the community is involved with matters within the police department.

"As citizens, we want to be apart of the strategy that they use to train and select their employees that are going to be police officers, policing our city," said J. Denise Cromwall with Black Lives Matter.

"The community is the police department and the police department is the community. If we don't have the unity to trust each other and come together to resolve a whole lot of issues, then it's fruitless. What are we living here for," said Elaine Barnett with Black Lives Matter.

Organizers of Black Lives Matter spoke about how they will not stand down unless they get what they want. 

"This is all about everyone. We must come together," said Davon Sloss with Black Lives Matter.

Although council didn't have much to say at the meeting, there was some tension on social media between council members. Councilman Jameson suggested that the city should stand behind the former police officer, but that was quickly shut down by the city via Twitter.

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