Youth inspire to bring positive change following Walter Scott shooting

VIDEO: Youth inspire to bring positive change following Walter Scott shooting

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - North Charleston is getting a lot of negative attention right now, but one group is trying to do something positive. They're planting seeds of hope.

At Palmetto Youth Connections the young adults are planting seeds of hope following the widespread news of the Walter Scott shooting. They're hoping to inspire change for future generations.

It was a peaceful event meant to honor the wishes of the Scott family showing a positive and productive statement on bringing about that change.

These 17 to 21 year olds said there's been so much negativity about what happened, and no emphasis on a positive solution.

"Some of them are angry, some of them just really feel like they wish they had more support in the community," Amanda Wagner, Senior Program Manager for Palmetto Youth Connections, said. "All in all though, they say they feel safe in the community. A lot of them walk, actually from that area to school, each and every day. They feel that they are safe, but they just want to see that we can all come together and collectively do better."

It's a mission to help at-risk young adults in the community become strong figures for their families and inspire positive change.

Palmetto Youth Connections focuses on getting these young adults ready for the workforce in the future.

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