Man who filed past complaint against NCPD officer speaks out on Scott shooting

Man who filed past complaint against NCPD officer speaks out on Scott shooting

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The man who filed a complaint against the former North Charleston Police officer charged with murder said the victim might still be alive if the complaint had been taken more seriously.

Mario Givens said he filed a complaint against Michael Slager in 2013 for Slager's use of a Taser weapon.

"If they had even tried to listen to me and really investigated, that man would probably have been alive because he wouldn't have been an officer in the field," Givens said.

Givens claimed Slager tased him for no reason. Slager was later cleared in that complaint.

According to the original complaint Givens filed, Slager and another officer came to his house on Deleware Avenue after a nearby burglary because the victim said the burglar lived in Givens' house.

"We believe that Mr. Givens was wronged by Officer Slager, that he was tased. It turned out he was even the wrong man," Givens' attorney, Eduardo Curry said. "The witness that led them to the house said, 'He's not the one.'"

Givens said he had his hands up when he was tased and after he filed his complaint, he wasn't taken seriously.

"When I kept coming back, they told me 'we're still investigating. we're still investigating'." Then when I came back one time they told me we'll send you a paper in the mail because we didn't find anything. He did no wrong."

Now Givens' lawyer said they're considering filing a lawsuit. He said the statute of limitations has not been reached and they have until September to file a suit.

Givens said he just wishes something had been done earlier.

"It's just shocking that they didn't do anything about it and a man ended up dead," he said.

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