Life changes for man who captured video of Walter Scott shooting

Man who shot video of Walter Scott's shooting says his life has changed 'a lot'
Walter Scott (Source: Facebook)
Walter Scott (Source: Facebook)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Feidin Santana says his life has changed dramatically after a walk to work led him to capturing video of Walter Scott's shooting in North Charleston.

"I was going to my job at a barbershop," said Santana on Thursday."My everyday routine is to walk to my house and to my job, and I saw Scott running. After five seconds, I saw the cop running, chasing him. And after that you see what's in the video."

Santana said when he first saw the commotion, he decided to "move fast" and see what was going to happen.

According to Santana, he took his phone out so that the police officer would be aware that someone was in the area witnessing the incident.

"The police officer was on top of Scott and I could hear the sound of the taser on Mr. Scott's body," Santana said."He was just trying to get away from him, from the taser."

Santana said Scott managed to run away after the officer lost control of the taser. He said as the the incident unfolded, he did not fear for his safety.

"Not really, not really," Santana said."I don't know what happened to me at that time, but I didn't have fear at all."

After capturing video of the incident, Santana went to work where people were talking about the shooting including a good friend of his who told him of the police activity on Remount Road in connection to the shooting.

"I pulled him over and I said,'I got this information and I want to show you,'" Santana said."We read the police report and I showed him the video and he just opened my eyes for me. He said,'We have to do something with this because this is not what the police are saying. It shows the opposite of what the police are saying.'"

Santana said his life has changed "a lot" after he gave the video to Scott's family who then made it available to the media.

Since the release of the video, Santana has been featured in several national news reports and has been called a hero.

"I never thought it would make a huge impact in my life, Mr. Scott's family's lives and Mr. Slager's life," Santana said.

Santana said everything is moving "too fast" for him with all the attention he's been getting, but says he had to come forward since the police report "wasn't what happened, it wasn't the correct information."

"Everybody is the same and we want everybody to be treated equally," Santana said.

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