Al Sharpton to speak at 'healing service' Sunday for Walter Scott

Al Sharpton to speak at 'healing service' Sunday for Walter Scott

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - In a morning announcement Friday, leaders from civil rights group, The National Action Network(NAN), announced the attendance of Rev. Al Sharpton at a healing service in North Charleston Sunday.

The service, to be held at Charity Missionary Baptist Church, on East Montague Avenue, will start at 10 A.M., with Reverend Sharpton expected to speak at eleven.

The group will also host a vigil at 3pm, at the site of the shooting, on Craig Road in North Charleston.

Rev. Nelson B. Rivers III, NAN Vice President of Religious Affairs, said it came down to three factors before extending the invitation.

The first was to honor the wishes of Walter Scott's family, while Rivers said Sharpton's schedule and the collective opinions of local black clergymen also played a role.

Despite national reports of the Scott family asking Rev. Sharpton to not to come, Rivers say the group has been in constant communication with the family, and says they welcomed him to attend Saturday's funeral service, but he could not because of a prior commitment.

Rivers said the final decision was made in Friday's emergency meeting, where leaders also discussed the role of the church in the healing and restoration process throughout the Tri-County community.

"A lot was said about the city of North Charleston, injustice, the police department, and the mayor," Rivers said.

"We are clear that nothing changes without pressure."

Ministers commended local leaders for charging Michael Slager, the North Charleston police officer who shot Walter Scott.

They're expecting to meet with many of those leaders, like North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey, and Police Chief Eddie Driggers, in the coming weeks, after Scott's funeral.

"Come Monday, my hope is Mayor Summey will reach out to the community he identified in his conversation, but I can promise you, if he doesn't reach out to us, we're going to reach out to him."

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