Black Lives Matter continues to protest at North Charleston City Hall

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter continues to protest at North Charleston City Hall

NORTH CHARLESTON - (WCSC) - A lot has happened over the past 24 hours in the case surrounding former North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager and the alleged murder of Walter Scott. The mayor of North Charleston has denied the scheduling of an emergency council meeting, despite a 24 hour ultimatum given by the group Black Lives Matter.

Even with Friday night's news, the group used the opportunity to teach others about the power of video. Mayor Summey said he will meet with members from the group in a private meeting, but he will not call that emergency meeting.

He also said the formation of a citizens review board is still up in the air, but there will be no subpoena powers because he says he doesn't even have that authority. Some members with Black Lives Matter were disappointed when the city announced it wouldn't hold an emergency council meeting.

"It seems the mayor was not responsive for our request for just a simple date," said Muhiyidin D'Baha, an organizer with Black Lives Matter.

Meanwhile, many are still pleased the mayor is willing to meet with the group to discuss the citizens review board in further detail.

"He's doing his part and he's giving us some leeway," said Wanda Staley, a member with Black Lives Matter.

"We want to sit down with them at the table so we can prevent things like this from happening again. The most important thing about this is that we are going to do this in peace," said Christopher Cason with Black Lives Matter.

The group also discussed the importance of filming traffic stops. That way it records every interaction between the officer and the person.

"When you get pulled over, record it and also, we have a buddy system. It's like if my son gets pulled over, we have his friends call us and we'll go to the scene to see what's going on," said Staley.

The group says coming together as a community, and building relationships with police, can hopefully break the barrier of trust that many say has been lost.

"We want peace and the only way we can get peace is if we come together to get to know each other," said Cason.

There is no set date on when the mayor will meet with Black Lives Matter, but he said it will be in the coming week.

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