US Quidditch World Cup soars through Rock Hill

US Quidditch World Cup soars through Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, SC (WCSC) - Although flying broomsticks haven't been invented just yet, that isn't stopping Quidditch fans from picking up their brooms and taking to the field.

The Quidditch World Cup is taking place this weekend on the Manchester Meadows soccer field in Rock Hill. Eighty teams are participating in the tournament.

The tournament originates from the favored wizarding sport in the Harry Potter book and movie series. Although the "Muggle" (non-magical) version does not include flight, players still follow the basic rules observed in the series.

A Quidditch team consists of seven players: Three chasers try to put the quaffle in one of three hoops to score goals, two beaters throw bludgers to interfere with players of the opposing team, the keeper guards the goal hoops, and the seeker pursues the snitch, a ball attached to a snitch runner player. Catching the snitch ends the game.

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