Hundreds pray for Walter Scott and unity

Hundreds pray for Walter Scott and unity

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Sunday, hundreds came to vigils in North Charleston to pray for peace, Walter Scott, and unity in the community.

"We come lord with hope," NAACP President Joe Darby said. "Hope that this will be an opportunity for healing, that this will be an opportunity for understanding; that this will be an opportunity to go further down the road of justice."

The two major vigils of the day were at the site of the shooting on Craig St and at Seacoast Church in North Charleston. Both focused on the message of unity in the community.

"Any attempts at division will not work," Rev. Al Sharpton said. "This brother could've been anyone of us or anyone of our sons."

"[It] has nothing to do with the color of our skin but the way we treat one another, so we're here to let the world, the city and everybody know that we're standing united," one speaker said.

After the early vigil at Craig Street, Mayor Keith Summey said moving forward will take help not just from the city leaders but the public, too.

"If we get together and really push for the same things then I think we can accomplish a lot," Summey said.

Speakers at vigils admitted the shooting has hurt the community.

"We're nowhere near justice and have to continue until the family has justice," Rev. Sharpton said.

But now their hope of unity has at least a prayer's chance.

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