Man recovering following seizure at Second Sunday

VIDEO: Man recovering following seizure on Second Sunday

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - "We're always going to come, we're always going to help," Sergeant Patrick McLaughlin, of the Charleston Police Department, said the day after he saved a man having a seizure.

It happened on a busy King Street during Second Sunday. "People started pointing across the street and going 'he needs help. Officer he needs help,'" McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin had just gone on his break from directing traffic downtown during Second Sunday when he was called over to that man having a seizure.

Family members said this hadn't happened before and were in shock.

"The color kind of drained out of his face and, one of the family members with him, who was helping out, said that he still had a pulse but he had stopped breathing," McLaughlin recalled.

McLaughlin then began CPR. Roughly 30 chest compressions later the man started to breathe by himself.

"His fiancée was very appreciative, and uh, everyone seemed happy," McLaughlin said. "I was glad I could be there to do so."

Meanwhile nearby store employees jumped in to help. Most, concerned about making sure proper care was given.

"I let my manager know and right away she brought some water and offered a medical kit to the officer," Jessica Nicley, a server at Mellow Mushroom, said.

"[I] ran back and grabbed towels, got them wet, got ice, brought it out there," Linzie Davis-Paddock, owner of Lordis Loft Salon & Spa, said. "He looked very, very hot, and he was flushed at that point."

Ultimately it was the timing that many are impressed with, along with the support from those in the area.

"It's sort of more like an adrenaline rush," Davis-Paddock said. "It's sort of one of those things that when an accident happens, or when an injury occurs, or there's something that calls you to an action, I think you just go."

"The police were there, in what it seemed like, seconds," Nicley said. "So, um, it's good to know those things are in place anything bad does happen."

"We're here to help," McLaughlin said. "Whether it's with law enforcement or if it's with some kind of medical emergency we're always going to come, we're always going to help."

The man was transported to MUSC for more tests.

Sergeant McLaughlin was recently re-certified in CPR in January. He says those skills helped save this man's life.

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