Passenger in Walter Scott's car releases statement

Passenger in Walter Scott's car releases statement
A still from the dashcam footage from former NCPD officer Michael Slager as he approached Walter Scott's vehicle on April 4, 2015. (Source: NCPD)

A passenger who was in the car when Walter Scott was pulled over, and later shot and killed by a former North Charleston Police Officer, released a statement through his attorney Monday night.

Mark Peper is representing Pierre Fulton. In a statement, Peper says Fulton is still mourning the death of his friend.

"Walter was a dear friend, and I miss him every day. Over the last five years, he helped me to become a better man and showed me the value of hard work. I'll never know why he ran, but I know he didn't deserve to die. Please keep Walter and his family in your prayers and respect my privacy moving forward," Fulton said in the statement.

Peper said in his release it will be the only statement Fulton makes before any court proceeding.

Fulton was riding in the car with Scott when he was pulled over by former officer Michael Slager on April 4 on Remount Road. Witness video later shows Slager firing eight shots at Scott as he attempted to run away from the officer.

Slager has been charged with murder, and fired from the police department.

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