Jesse Jackson calls for special prosecutor in Walter Scott shooting case

Jesse Jackson calls for special prosecutor in Walter Scott shooting case

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Rev. Jesse Jackson was in downtown Charleston Thursday evening where he said a special prosecutor was needed in the Walter Scott shooting case.

Jackson spoke at the International Longshoremen's Association Hall on Morrison Drive for a prayer rally.

During the rally, Jackson also called for more body cameras for law enforcement and called Scott's death a wake up call for the nation.

"The Walter Scott killing has captured the world because it was covered by the camera," Jackson said before taking the stage."Without the camera, the killer lied and his co-conspirators, the other police, would have covered it up as well."

Jackson called for racial justice and fairness, and recognized Feidin Santana, the man who captured the video of the shooting.

"I went to the site where the killing occurred," Jackson said."Clearly he was running away from the parking lot of the auto shop in an open field. The man, Mr. Santana, deserves much credit because without him we would have not known what happened. We saw [Scott] getting shot in an open field, we saw the taser being dropped while he was being handcuffed, bleeding and dying."

In addition to calling for a special prosecutor in the case, Jackson emphasized the investigation's importance and Michael Slager's past.

"I think a thorough investigation is required because obviously this police, it's not the first time he's used excessive force," Jackson said."The burden is upon us. We must co-exist and not co-destroy. Together choose futures and not funerals."

The reverend's stop at the hall is part of a two-day visit to Charleston and North Charleston following the shooting of Walter Scott.

It's Jackson's first trip to the area since Scott was shot and killed by North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager.

State Representatives Wendall Gilliard and David Mack invited Jackson to attend the rally, which was open to the public.

Rep. Gilliard expects Rev. Jackson to attend a public forum on the issue of  law enforcement issued body cameras set for Friday at 1 p.m. at North Charleston City Hall.

Gilliard has invited representatives from two camera manufacturers to attend, as well as local civic and law enforcement leaders.

South Carolina Director of Public Safety Leroy Smith is also expected to attend the forum, according to Gilliard.

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