Bond again denied for man charged in fatal shooting at Summerville intersection

Redman in Court (Source: WCSC)
Redman in Court (Source: WCSC)
Lynn Harrison (left) was shot and killed at a busy Summerville intersection on April 2. (Photo source: Petition)
Lynn Harrison (left) was shot and killed at a busy Summerville intersection on April 2. (Photo source: Petition)

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Bond has once again been denied for a Texas man who police say shot and killed a woman at a busy Summerville intersection earlier this month.

Jimi Redman Jr., 32, was deemed a flight risk by a circuit judge during a bond reconsideration hearing in St. George Thursday morning.

Redman was arrested and charged with murder and a weapons violation on April 2 in connection with the fatal shooting of 57-year-old Lynn Michelle Harrison.

"God's helping us a lot, we're alright," said Harrison's husband, Mark, who was in attendance at the court hearing."You get closure, but you don't get complete closure for a while. I think time will heal us. We're real, real glad that he's not out on bond."

Also present at the hearing was Harrison's daughter Shanna Groves who said it was "very difficult" to see Redman in court.

"You can't put words on that," Groves said."We're a close knit family, we all live close together and we're just going to stick together and pray. That's about all you can do right now."

Solicitor David Pascoe asked the judge to uphold the no bond ruling.

"We believe that by definition this defendant is a flight risk and by definition he is a danger to the community," Pascoe said."What he did on April 2 put the entire community in fear that day. In fact, there's been a petition signed by well over 2,000 people asking this defendant remain in jail until we get to his case for trial or for disposition. 

Summerville police say Redman was seen driving erratically and holding a rifle when he drove up to the intersection of Bacons Bridge Road and Old Trolley Road on April 2 and shot Harrison. According to authorities, Redman then drove away, but was arrested a short distance from the scene. 

Harrison was on her way to meet her son for lunch when she was fatally shot. 

"Ms. Harrison and her entire family have no relationship with the defendant whatsover and have never had any contact with [him]," Pascoe said in court. 

Redman, who claims to suffer from PTSD, had his bond denied by a magistrate judge one day after the shooting. His lawyer filed a motion for bond reconsideration hearing.

"Mr. Redman is a veteran of the United States Army who has since the time of his release has been struggling and suffering with issues related to that time he spent, as well as injuries sustained just weeks before he went to active duty in Iraq back in 2005 and 2006," said Redman's lawyer, Mark Leiendecker.

"To blame something on the military that is as tragic as this...[Redman's] got to be a coward," Mark Harrison said following the hearing."I've never heard of anybody coming back from the war and going and killing an innocent person. The military teaches you, 'You do not kill innocent people, first and foremost.' So whatever defense he's trying to use, PTSD, mental's not true."

Pascoe said Redman quit his job a couple days before the shooting, and texted his brother to say he was heading somewhere with a weapon and ammo.

"On March 31, Redman quit his job in Texas and he sent his brother a text message," Pascoe said."In the text message, he told his brother he was heading to basically anywhere and he had a 30-30 rifle and all the rounds he needed."

Redman was out on bond for public intoxication at the time of the shooting, Pascoe said.

Mark Harrison said Redman's punishment should be death.

"Slow death, slow death. Same rights my wife had, that's what I want him to have," Harrison said."Same chance she had...which is none."

Harrison's daughter started an online petition to keep Redman behind bars. In part, it reads:

"My mother was on her way to meet my brother for lunch. Jimi Redman pulled up beside her at a stop light and shot. This was a completely random act of violence. He took the life of a beautiful woman for no reason… Please sign this petition to keep this man behind bars so that he doesn't take another life."

Redman's Military Service & Health

According to Redman's lawyer, his client served in the US Army and has been struggling and suffering issues related to his time in service since he was released from the military.

"He has not been able to get help or treatment for those issues and his family has long thought and believe that he's been struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder issues as well as issues from a closed head injury," Leiendecker said.

Leiendecker stated in court that Redman was "in a significantly better place" than he was just a week ago when he talked with Redman. Leiendecker attributed it "in large part because the stability of the jail and because the medication he's on there, the sleep he's actually getting that he wasn't getting before that."

According to Leiendecker, Redman does not remember coming to and being in South Carolina.

Leiendecker said the first event he remembers in South Carolina was being in the Dorchester County Detention Center.

Redman's Past Convictions

Court officials revealed that Redman has several past convictions in the State of Texas dating back to 2007 when he was convicted for evading arrest; Pascoe said in 2008 his probation was revoked for the charge.

In the same year, Redman was convicted of driving under the influence second-offense, and in 2009 was convicted of driving while under the influence 3rd offense and received a 2-year prison sentence for that conviction, according to Pascoe.

Pascoe stated Redman was then convicted in 2013 for assault causing bodily injury to a family member, and the next year was arrested for DWI third-offense; the charge is still pending.

Last month, court officials say Redman was arrested for a charge relating to public intoxication, and was out on a $5,000 bond on the charge when authorities say he shot and killed Harrison the following month.

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