Proposal could bring 4,000 jobs to Berkeley Co.

VIDEO: 'Project Soter' could bring 4,000 jobs to Berkeley Co.

RIDGEVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A new proposal for a manufacturing plant in Ridgeville could potentially add 4,000 new jobs to Berkeley county.

The proposal is called "Project Soter" and if, approved, is slated to create the jobs within a ten-year period.

The county has applied for a permit to fill wetlands and clear land off I-26 near Westvaco Road for the plant.

"I think we need to see some development out this way," Ridgeville resident Darlene Young said. She hopes the automotive company Volvo chooses her town to set up shop.

"Bring Volvo here," she said. "I think it would be a good thing. I think Charleston is a excellent opportunity for businesses, bringing new jobs, bringing a lot of things to the community. Who wouldn't want to be in the Lowcountry?"

South Carolina is trying to lure Volvo to the state. Volvo is reportedly considering the Charleston area for a future U.S. factory. A spokesperson for the automaker said Friday the company is in the process of evaluating a number of sites.

A Berkeley County spokesperson could not confirm which company is looking to locate in the area, but the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hinted the the company requesting the environmental permit to develop on this land is either in the aerospace or automotive industry.

Project Manager Richard Darden said he wants people to know they have a say in the proposed plan.

"The public participation part of that is to give the public an opportunity to know about the project in particular adjacent property owners who may be joining that property's boundaries," he said.

Between now and the end of the month, people will be able to submit their comments and concerns.

The project is slated to develop more than 900 acres of land. Army engineers said 217 acres of wetlands would be affected by the construction project and the proposed plan is aimed to offset that impact.

Volvo is expected to announce its decision within the next two months.

In Greek mythology, Soter was the spirit of safety, preservation and deliverance from harm.

Both Boeing and the Mercedes Sprinter plant had code names before being made public.

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