Governor supports body cameras, concerned about policy and procedure

Governor supports body cameras, concerned about policy and procedure

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Governor Nikki Haley says she supports body cameras for cops, but has some concerns about policy and procedures for the cameras.

After speaking to the East Cooper Republican Club Monday, the governor said if there is a need for body cameras, it's for the street cops,

However she is concerned those same officers who wear the cameras will have to come off the street, possibly for an hour to upload four to six hours of video.

The governor believes the process has to be spelled out before the cameras can be put into action.

"When they download you have to look at who's gonna look at all the videos, how they're gonna be done? So I think the thing is we have to be smart about it and look at who are the officers who really need it and which communities do we really want those in and I think all that's being hashed out now," Haley said.

When asked if she thinks the state would be willing to pay for body cameras, the governor said the state has priorities on what it pays for, and she's waiting to see what state lawmakers do with the body camera bills up for debate.

The Charleston Police Department will begin using body cameras next month and North Charleston Police have them on order.

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