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Karina Bolster


Professional Experience:
News Reporter/Anchor- WVII/WFVX-TV (Bangor, Maine)

News Philosophy:
Each story has more than two sides. It's our job to explore all possible angles of the story, topic, event, etc. to see what the major impact for our viewers will be and to be fair and accurate about it.

Suffolk University (Boston, Massachusetts)

A little bit of everywhere. I grew up in the military, but consider Massachusetts home base.

I have a fraternal twin sister who is a physical therapist and a younger brother finishing up his bachelor's degree in physical therapy at the University of New Hampshire.

Hobbies & Interests:
I'm a huge sports fan and former college athlete (softball), so being outside is a must. I absolutely love the game of football (New England Patriots). I also enjoy trying new things, whether that comes to food, activities, etc.

Favorite Books/Movies/Music:
Eric by Doris Lund and the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Yes, I can be a hopeless romantic at times! I love action movies but am a huge fan of the classics as well. Singing in the Rain is definitely a favorite. As for music, I am a huge country fan and now that I am in the Lowcountry, I'm so excited to have the chance to check out Hootie & the Blowfish. I grew up on them.

Likes Best About the Lowcountry:
For starters, the warm weather! Plus, the area is absolutely beautiful and there are so many nice people.

Most Interesting Assignment:
One of the most interesting was interviewing a 10 year-old boy in Cherryfield, Maine who is blind, yet competitively rides horses. It was such an inspirational experience to see him overcome his disability and be a role model for others.

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