Construction on Cannon Street concerns one business owner

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Urban Nirvana Hair salon opened their doors a year and a half ago on Cannon Street.

"It's definitely getting busier," said the salon's manager, Sierra Mccrary.

Mccrary says her business on Cannon Street will be impacted by a $4 million city construction project.

"It's going to make it really difficult because they're going to shut down the whole block," she said.

The plan calls to transform the busy Cannon and Spring streets from one way streets into two way streets.

The construction began in late February.

"We've been trying to restore the streets to their historic pattern which is two way," Tim Keane said.

One Cannon Street resident says he and his neighbor are ready for the changes.

"This is going to be walking area now and it's going to be good for this part," he said.

As a business manager, Mccrary has a clear message for the city.

"Please do it as quick as possible because it will disrupt our business for a little while," Mccrary said.

The construction will continue for at least another year.

From now until the end of the year, construction workers will be laying the foundation for new street lights. They will also install traffic signals and building accessible sidewalks.

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