Concerned parent over weigh-in at school

Concerned parent over weigh-in at school

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A Summerville fifth grader said she's been bullied ever since she was weighed at school earlier this week.

A Dorchester District Two spokesman said all 5th graders were weighed for the state health department.

A Summerville family, who wishes to remain anonymous, is upset their daughter was weighed at Flowertown Elementary school Tuesday.

"I'm surprised at the fact that they still do weigh-ins," the mother of the student, said. "This world has just become consumed with media and what kids look at on the internet."

A spokesperson for DD2 said no student approached any teacher that day saying they didn't want to be weighed.

The fifth grade student Live 5 News spoke with today said differently.

"I specifically asked one of my gym teachers if I had to do this," the fifth grader said. "They said you did have to do it. I did it, and I really didn't want to."

DD2 said the weigh-ins are a part of a health and wellness program with the Department of Health & Environmental Control. They are not mandatory but strongly suggested.

The program recommends students in 5th, 8th, and at least once in grades 9-12 are get tested as part of a fitness status program.

A spokeswoman with DD2 said the district has never had a problem in the past with these tests, but is taking this matter very seriously.

The student meanwhile is trying to get over the bullying she says happened following the weigh in.

"They were saying I was like 150 pounds, and it kind of made my self-esteem go down," she said.

"It's gone from wearing hoodies all the time, to t-shirts finally, and now back to covering herself up completely, because she's now embarrassed," the mother added.

The family wants something done so parents and kids know these tests are not required.

The mother also said she thinks the weigh-ins should be done in a doctor or nurse's office outside of school.

She said she understands the problem with childhood obesity, but a school is not the most comfortable surrounding to be tested for their weight.

"It still diminishes their self-esteem," the mother added. "It really does, for both girls and boys."

When the student was asked how she thought she could rebuild her self-esteem she responded, "Just kind of stay by my friends and not worry about what other people think."

A DD2 spokeswoman said parents only get a letter about this test if their children is considered overweight after the weigh-in.

The mother Live 5 News talked to today said she was told she will be getting one of those letters next week.

Yesterday the family got the DHEC form that listed what was part of the wellness program.

Along with it was a sticky note that said students could refuse to do the weigh in.

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