A little research can help you save on allergy medication

A little research can help you save on allergy medication

(CNN) - It is the time of year for sniffling and sneezing. As the spring flowers bloom so too do your allergies.

It can get expensive to keep allergy symptoms at bay but if you regularly suffer from allergies, it might be worth it to do a little research to save yourself a little money.

The good news is there are more options available to you than just the price you see when you go to your local drug store.

According to Money magazine, shopping online can save you a few bucks.

In the case of over the counter antihistamines, like Claritin or Allegra, the magazine talked to the editor-in-chief of Good RX blog, who found that you can save around 85 percent when you shop online.

You can also shop for prescription allergy drugs online. The higher doses of those drugs reportedly range from 50 cents to $1.60 per pill, but you do want to make sure that you are shopping at a reputable site.

An allergy test might help you zero in on the root of the problem.

And, finally epipens are a must have for serious allergy sufferers in case of emergency. Money reports that those costs have skyrocketed but you may be able to find discounts online.

You can also reduce the impact of allergies by taking a few simple steps at home. For example, remove yourself from whatever is causing your allergies.

Stay indoors or in places like an air conditioned car. Also, take regular showers to get rid of the pollen on your body, change the filters in your house, and wear cotton as it is less likely to attract pollen.

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