Prop company owner clears the air on why he relocated to Grand Strand

Prop company owner clears the air on why he relocated to Grand Strand

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - Many recent headlines say the family-run business that makes props for major theme parks, Little Spider Creations, left Colorado after workers continued to show up to work high on marijuana, but the family says it's not true.

The Brawmer family feels what's being said has been taken completely out of context. The family behind Little Spider Creations admits they did have a few instances where people came to work after smoking marijuana.

But those employees were reprimanded, and it had nothing to do with why they left.

"I want to set the record straight, and say that the reason why we moved here was because we fell in love with the location, but at the same time, the warehouse space was a major issue that we were running into," Tony Brawmer said.

Back in 2010, it was just Brawmer and his father running Little Spider Creations. They had a handful of projects that kept them busy, but last year things changed for the company, as huge theme parks started to take notice.

"A handful of amusement parks contacted us, and really let us explore the creativity we can do for their parks, and their guests and that was really where it all changed," Brawmer explained.

Just like that, Little Spider Creations was on the map as being in the amusement park business. The entire family hopped on board, along with a full staff.

Their styrofoam giants out-grew Colorado, which led them to a new warehouse, in Little River.

"We do everything in house, so that's from the concepting, to the drawing, to then the full production and the sculpting," Brawmer said.

Brawmer says it all starts, with a block.

"My father says whether it's a block of clay, or a pile of wood, or a lot of metal that's laying on the floor, you let the canvas, or what it is that's in front of you, speak to you," Brawmer said. He said not to let the word styrofoam fool you.

"It makes it very durable," Brawmer said as he knocked on the styrofoam. The sculpting tools range from chainsaws, to believe it or not, horse brushes.

There is nothing "little" about the final product at Little Spider Creations. Some sculptures can be over ten feet tall.

Brawmer says another big reason the company moved here: the majority of clients were on the East Coast, and they may start to pick up some local clients. They've already been speaking with Broadway at the Beach and Pirates Voyage.

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