Charleston police arrest one in connection to downtown weekend assaults

Charleston police arrest one in connection to downtown weekend assaults
Photo Source: WCSC
Photo Source: WCSC
Photo Source: WCSC
Photo Source: WCSC
Photo Source: WCSC
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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Investigators with the Charleston Police Department have arrested one person in connection to a number of crimes that took place during the weekend.

CPD officials announced Monday night the arrest of one person, and their continuing search for other suspects involved in the three assaults with multiple victims, a purse snatching and an armed robbery in downtown Charleston.

Investigators say they have learned that a private event that occurred at YWCA on Coming Street resulted in a large crowd gathering. CPD officials say a juvenile, who was a participant at the event, reported that as he was leaving the event,  he was robbed by an individual with a firearm.

In another incident, a couple was walking on Rutledge Avenue around 11:30 p.m. Saturday when they were approached by about five juveniles.

After a verbal exchange the juveniles left the area, CPD officials say. The couple reported that the juveniles returned and tried to block them from walking on the sidewalk. The report states a purse was knocked out of one of the victim's hands, and the juveniles took it and ran off down Cannon Street.

Around 12:50 a.m. on Sunday, police responded to Vanderhorst and Coming Street for a disturbance call.

Hannah Rogers, a College of Charleston student who lives near the intersection, said she heard cars honking. When she looked out the window she said she saw a large group, which she described as high school students.

"At that point there were about 30 of them,” Rogers said. “They were in the intersection, not letting cars through."

Rogers said she saw a man walking down the street, when some of the men in the large group tried to block him from walking.

"They pinned him against the house,” Rogers said. “Broke his nose, and just beat him up.”

She and her other roommates immediately called 911 to get police to the area. By the time they showed up most of the group had run off.

Rogers added she could see blood from her window where the group assaulted the male walking down the street. Blood could also be seen on the sidewalk as of Monday morning.

The police report stated five men approached the police officers upon arrival and said they were assaulted by a group of juveniles.

"We're only a block from campus, it's a safe area, so it was definitely out of the normal," Rogers said.

Following both incidents, some students in the area are now concerned about their safety.

"I had my friends drive me home from work last night,” Rogers said. “I was pretty scared."

"This is very dangerous, and the fact we're only a block from campus... it shouldn't happen," Monica Rangel, Roger's roommate who was coming home from the bar at the time of the assaults, said.

Charleston police said all injuries were treated at the scene. None of the victims were transported to the hospital.

A text message alert was sent out to Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) students, staff, and faculty advises those in the area about the incident. Rogers said she never got one from the College of Charleston.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents can call Investigator Adam Deming or Investigator Justin Kursh at 720-3913 or 720-3914.

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