SC lawmakers face mountain of bills as deadline approaches

SC lawmakers face mountain of bills as deadline approaches

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC/WIS) - This is the final week for lawmakers to tackle bills like ethics reform and body cameras before the bills wind up kicked to the side for the year.

Friday is the crossover date, and some bills have to get to a vote before then in order to survive.

The sheer number of bills yet to get a vote on either the House or Senate floors has some lawmakers and advocates frustrated with that they're facing between now and Friday.

Lawmakers have only passed eight total for the year so far.

Tuesday's Senate calendar lists 40 pages' worth of bills and there is no guarantee senators will get to all of them.

The body camera bill, which Senators have pushed hard to get to the floor, is one of them. If it doesn't get a vote on an already crowded-schedule, it won't make it this year.

Some advocates also said with so many bills on the list, attempts to improve bills already in the works have been few and far between.

"There's a whole lot in that roads area that needs to be dealt with and hasn't yet been dealt with, either in the House or Senate," League of Women Voters spokesperson Lynn Teague said. "They could be working on ways to make that happen."

Also slowing down debate this week is the abortion ban bill, which was moved to the top of the Senate calendar last Thursday. That debate is expected to take days and possibly even weeks to discuss, meaning other bills are on the back burner.

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